TRANSCEND℠ (for Growth+Healing: Phase I)

The TRANSCEND℠ Growth & Healing program is an 8- to 16-week workshop for founders seeking to start gaining control of thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions and (re)activate the fearlessness and calm needed to break through stubborn business blocks. Gently resolve past traumatic stress at the core of the blocks you face, without more emotional discomfort or pain. Learn more about TRANSCEND℠ here.

TRANSFORM℠ (for Growth+Healing: Phase II)

Available by invite only, the TRANSFORM℠ Growth & Healing Accelerator is a 3- to 6-month workshop for founders seeking to unblock their intuition and purpose, gain even more control of thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions, and set firm, realistic targets for the future, and fortify against “habit relapse” for lasting, long-term success. Learn more about TRANSFORM℠ here.

ALEB Traditional Business Consulting (Growth)

For founders who may not experience very significant blocks, anxiety, stress, or insecurities, Authentic Life, Empowered Business consulting program is available to you. From the very first session, I’ll guide you in reevaluating priorities, revamping your decisions for easier growth, and ensuring your goals and actions are in alignment with your purpose and true priorities. By the end of the very first session, you’ll leave with a 10-year plan. Learn more and book an ALEB Consulting Session instantly online.

Reiki & More

For other ways to manage stress and unlock your here-and-now purpose, you may want to consider my other services: reiki, hypnotherapy, or tarot/oracle card readings. Explore my other services here, and book instantly online.