Old, Unresolved Trauma Made Me an Inconsistent Entrepreneur. Is It the Root of YOUR Blocks, Too?

70% to 83% of humans (across all genders & ethnicities) have had at least one traumatic experience as a minor. 1 in 6 adults experienced four or more.

Is that “rough childhood” what’s really been keeping your business plateaued?
Probably. Watch this 4-part mini series to find out how—and what to do about it.


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In the full series, you’ll learn:

  • Trauma’s impacts on our thoughts, feelings, & behavior that occur outside our control
  • Seemingly innocent, everyday choices YOU might be making that re-traumatize the brain
  • The influence of trauma scores on our adult health and propensity toward chronic illness
  • The same self-assessment psychotherapists use to calculate your score from the privacy of home
  • Why business and “mindset” coaching fail to spark lasting change in brains like ours–and what works
  • Why the “neural patterns” (habits & routines) from our youth NOW run our adult (business) decisions
  • A 5-part protocol to create sustainable healing change (without drugs or stigmatizing diagnoses)
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Understanding how my past was affecting my business future was INSIGHT into the feelings of inadequacy, the social anxiety, the depression, the desire to shrink into the background, the INTENSE FEAR of rejection … causing the persistent, stubborn struggles that business coaching, mindset work, and even talk therapy couldn’t resolve.

The key was understanding the impacts my personal history had on my business success—so I could take strategic actions to heal my body to grow the business.

Now, with industry certifications from Harvard to HubSpot, I help radical founders heal their bodies, rewire their brains, and strategically promote to accelerate impact and scale. Learn more.


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