Release the past. Power forward.

Transcended, transformational leadership training, coaching, and wellness
to help Change Agents get unstuck—for good.

Being a change agent is HUGELY rewarding. But it can be mentally and emotionally taxing. Also, most of us chose this career path due to our own early life struggles.

Interestingly, it’s those same struggles that still create stress and speedbumps today.

Are you:

  • Struggling to create more consistent business growth, or to make that side hustle replace your J-O-B?
  • Frustrated by anxiety, imposter syndrome, fear of rejection / abandonment, social isolation, or self-doubt slowing or keeping you down?
  • Beyond pissy that past coaching, consulting, mindset training, smart marketing, or years of therapy haven’t sparked radical change that lasted… so you feel right back at square one?

I feel you.

That’s a plateau, Renegade. Of the worst order. But it can be broken through and transcended. That’s why we’re here:

To help YOU radically embrace the even bolder, more progressive ass-kicker and name-taker you want to be. Despite the past.

Everything you need already lay inside, however dormant. We help you activate it to claim what’s already rightfully yours. Period.

Welcome to Energetic Harmony℠. Let’s chat to see how we can support your growth.


Harmony Major, Energetic Harmony℠ Founder

Growth Coach ★ Root-Cause Results Strategist

for entrepreneurial leaders creating change

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Supporting You With:

The TAILR Protocol

Stop now and think: What’s your highest goal?

And in what exact ways can you transcend past strongholds to power forward toward it?

Helping you decide is the point of our signature process.

TAILR stands for Tune In, Adjust, Inspect, Liberate, and Relax.

Learn more below.

What is TAILR?

About Our Founder

Don’t let the good looks fool you; Harmony Major is a prodigy in disguise.”

Wait, what? Who starts a bio like that?

Someone who has boldly stepped into their power.

And who can help accelerate your efforts to do the same.

For decades, I noticed with exasperation how flabbergasted people—👋🏽 men—were when I began to speak.

As if attractive female humans can’t be brilliant move makers.


Harmony Major, Founder


Guess I’ve got to look like Yoda to drop knowledge.

-Harmony Major, Founder…? 🤔

But I get it. It’s media’s fault.

The Chrissys and Gingers were cute and well-kept, while the (cuter) Janets and Mariannes were relegated to world-changing for zero recognition. You know, the “tomboyish brainy ones.”

So this is us shaking the stereotype. 

Saying what you didn’t know you were thinking anyway. But, sad news:

“Brilliance” isn’t enough to sustain growth. If it were, you wouldn’t be here.

Even natural talents aren’t the magic bullet.

Read how I went from doing commercials at 3 … to being homeless at 5.

And how I went from growing my first fulltime business at 19 with no $$ and no training … to earning industry giants as clients, like Google and the Feds.

You see, I may not know your story yet, but I know your journey.

And I’m the best-qualified human to help YOU break beyond limits—real or perceived—to boldly build the business (and life) you want.

Who is Harmony Major?