Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy

for Uncovering Purpose

In conjunction with resilience-building therapies, like the ones in TRANSCEND, hypnotherapy can be quite effective at getting in touch with our passion and helping us overcome what’s keeping us stuck.

I help you access your unconscious mind to overcome limiting beliefs, break unproductive habits, overhaul your thinking, and build empowering neural connections, so you can heal and improve your mindset, health, business, and life. Typically, the sessions I hold are to help entrepreneurs uncover their higher calling or here-and-now purpose.

These are video sessions conducted via Zoom.

Includes one custom hypnotherapy session and writing of your custom hypnotherapy session language.

IMPORTANT: New client OR existing client with a new issue? Please book a “Hypnotherapy Consult” at least 3 business days before your session.

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Tarot and/or Oracle Card Reading

Super unconventional, yes. But very grounding and informative, if you need help getting in touch with inner guidance and higher wisdom.

Done via video or phone, sessions last up to an hour. Card readings help you connect to the wisdom of your Higher Self, to gain clarity, insight, and/or to answer a question of your choice.

The more you’re willing to share about your question, the better I’m able to connect the dots when interpreting your cards. But this isn’t required.

Readings are done using tarot cards almost always. I may pull an oracle card either during or after your reading, if the situation calls for it, or to round out your reading.

You can choose your own cards if you’d like, or I can pull them for you.

(If needed, see What is a tarot card reading and how can it help me?)

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