Transcend the Effects of Your Past to Transform Your Business

Release stubborn blocks & past trauma without more pain.
Become a more powerful, effective leader—even under pressure.

Is your past suffocating your potential?

How can you release imposter syndrome to achieve higher goals?

What can you change to calm fear of failure,
and amplify focus, power, and control?

Great questions, right? I’ll help you answer them in this 8-week workshop, where I work with you live, 1-on-1, using evidence-informed, holistic methods that help you release the past and control your career trajectory.

This Workshop is for YOU if…

  • You’re tired of living in frustration and unfulfilled. You want to overcome the body-mind blocks keeping you “stuck.”
  • You know (or want to understand) that YOU are not the problem; your ingrained patterns, behaviors, and stuck emotions are.
  • You know (or want to understand) that your patterns are NOT your fault. They’re “old wiring” and survival strategies from your childhood, your ancestors, and your past lives.
  • In addition to the active healing activities you do, you want additional help to start dismantle body-mind blocks on an unconscious level, without your constant monitoring or intervention. You want to “set it and forget it,” LIVE life, and start healing naturally without more emotional turmoil, or things to remember to do.
  • You want to become a THRIVING & HAPPY entrepreneur and dissolve strongholds from your past so you can finally LIVE FREE.

A Guided, One-on-One Leadership Growth Workshop.

We Marry Holistic Neuroscience and Wellness Practices to Power Your Personal Advancement & Dissolve Plateaus.

Committing to a period of change and growth can be tough. I make it as manageable and fluid as possible, helping you get results quickly without disrupting your busy entrepreneurial lifestyle.

In this two-phase workshop, I personally guide you through gentle, proven, cognitive restructuring and mental-emotional resilience practices, to help dismantle long-held blocks keeping you stuck.

All therapeutic practices start working right away,
and can be incorporated into your life easily, just as it is TODAY.

(Some even work in the background. For those, just commit and “show up.” ♥)

You’ll be better able to run your business confidently, purposefully, and with energy, so you can do better at “BEING the change.”

In the first 30 days, you should feel more grounded, relaxed, productive, and IN CONTROL. (How does it work?)


We start out strong and immediately by taking you through exercises and providing resources to help cut your stress level by several notches. You’ll start resetting your sense of balance from Day 1.

TRANSCEND℠ is not at all about doing a lot of “work”
on top of your already potentially overwhelming schedule.

It IS about learning the neuroscience of trauma (to normalize what you’re going through), tuning into yourself (empowering you to better control life outcomes), and radically destressing (to be more cool, calm, and collected in any environment).

We’re helping you get your bearings and move forward in strength, control, and stability.

Once you’ve got your bearings, you’ll begin to better:

  1. boost self-awareness, to take better control of your thoughts, feelings, and actions;
  2. unveil and connect to your unique intuitive style, to make more lucrative decisions;
  3. learn your emotional limits, to prevent self-sabotage and proactively avoid plateaus; and
  4. fortify your mindset, so you continue to power forward despite high-stress situations.

This is done through learning body-based brain change skills, strategic dialogue surrounding your goals, and strategic planning to help you reorganize your day intentionally so you can function On Purpose. And this crucial work sets the foundation for all other forms of healing, self development work, and business growth.

On Working Together

I spent hours upon hours building the TRANSCEND℠ from the ground up. So inevitably, my personal traits factored into style and flow choices. So what’s it like to work with me? Here are 7 traits you’ll notice, and how they’ll impact our work together as you journey through your program.

One more thing. No one’s perfect. And trying to hide what makes us feel nervous, insecure, or inadequate backfires anyway, still frustratingly obvious to the astute observer. So why try? In the following video, I share with you in advance the quirks, challenges, and idiosyncrasies you might see, and how they may impact our work together.


The TAILR℠ Protocol

Typical business and mindset coaching doesn’t factor in the science of how our brains work when affected by chronic stress or trauma. So while some of those introspective, goal-setting, and even perspective-changing exercises can definitely inspire change… the “transformation” is only temporary.

Enter the TAILR℠ Protocol.

If you skip recalibrating the nervous system and improving your ability to self-regulate, you create temporary change.

Then as soon as you encounter increased stress, your brain’s current structure and function causes you to revert back to your initial patterns.

Sound familiar?

You have to change your mind to change your business™.

TAILR℠ protects the work you’ll do and the changes you’ll make by gently guiding you through powerful perspective- and brain-changing exercises—in the right order:

Tune In
Adjust (your responses)
Inspect (your framework)
Liberate (from blocks to intuition, purpose, and passion)

Supporting Science

Here’s the data behind some of the tools you’ll learn in the TRANSCEND℠ consulting-coaching program:

  • Significant reduction in trauma symptoms (Poon, 2009)
  • Effective in alleviating PTSD symptoms (Rotaru & Rusu, 2016)
  • Decreases in intrusion & avoidance reactions (Abramowitz, Barak, Ben-Avi, & Knobler, 2010)
  • Improvement in all sleep variables (Abramowitz, Barak, Ben-Avi, & Knobler, 2010)
  • Reduced stress and anxiety (Fried, 1993; Rowe, 1999; Wehrenberg, 2008)
  • Increased quality of life (Hagman et al., 2011)
  • Reduced blood pressure & improved self-regulation (Russell, 2014)
  • Reduced inflammation (Rosas-Ballina et al., 2011)
  • Improved concentration (Telles, Singh, & Puthige, 2013; Shavanani & Udupa, 2003)
  • Increased energy (Veerabhadrappa et al., 2011)
  • Increased oxygen intake (Couser, Martinez, & Celli, 1992)
  • Reduced stress response (Veerabhadrappa et al., 2011)
  • Improved cognitive control and pain management (Gard et al., 2012)
  • Improved attention and concentration (Malinowski, 2013)
  • Improved self-regulation and sense of well-being (Herbert & Pollatos, 2012; Gu & Fitzgerald, 2014)
  • Improved emotional balance (Seth, 2013)
  • Increased ability to be in the present moment and to focus (Seth et al., 2011)
  • Normalizes cortisol levels (Dolbier & Rush, 2012)
  • Reduces depression (Lolak et al., 2008) and anxiety (Chen et al., 2009)
  • Reduces headaches (Sanjiv & Apurva, 2014)
  • Reduces reactivity to distressing physical sensation (Carmody & Baer, 2008)
  • Improves psychological well-being (Carmody & Baer, 2008)
  • Reduces interpersonal sensitivity (Carmody & Baer, 2008)
  • Reduces cravings (Cropley & Ussher, 2007)
  • Improves pain management (Ussher et al., 2014)
  • Significantly reduced systolic blood pressure and anxiety (Wardell & Engebretson, 2001)
  • Diastolic blood pressure decreased significantly (Mackay, Hansen, & McFarlane, 2004)
  • Significant increases in mental functioning & memory (Crawford, Leaver, & Mahoney, 2006)
  • Reduced behavior problems (Crawford, Leaver, & Mahoney, 2006)



TRANSCEND℠ is the first arm of a 2-part entrepreneurial growth program. It’s an intensive jump start helping you build the skills and resilience you need to level up more quickly in your personal development journey and your business. You’ll operate less out of anxiety, overwhelm, fear of failure, or imposter syndrome, and more out of boldness, calm, and certainty.

TRANSCEND℠ focuses almost exclusively on rewiring your nervous system for lasting positive change. We tie in your purpose later, after you’ve built a strong foundation here.


*Phase I (TRANSCEND℠) is designed to be completed in 8 weeks.
If you want to stretch it out for your comfort and retention, take up to 16.

Release & Rebuild L.A.B.

In the L.A.B., you’ll Learn science, Accept self, and Build skills. You’ll start shaping emotions and behavior that keep you GROWING rather than unsure, ashamed, or drowning in self-blame.

  • Identify personal self-sabotage points that cause your business plateaus.
  • Learn to manage thoughts and beliefs before they start stifling progress.
  • Increase self-compassion and patience with your healing.
  • Convert your toughest past trials into an action plan to level up in business (& life).
  • Become more self-sufficient in your healing journey.
  • Become calmer and more level-headed under stress, building confidence and boldness.
  • Learn to suppress fear, stress, self-doubt, & anxiety so they quit paralyzing you.
  • Stay more true to your authentic self in business decisions.
  • Learn to use your emotions as trusted guides, so they become less overwhelming.
  • Release stigma, shame, and feelings of inadequacy.
  • Start rejecting third-party expectations and unveiling the authentic YOU.
  • Increase resilience to have more control over your behavior in stressful situations.
  • Reduce the hold past experiences have over your business decisions and actions.
  • Learn and use your emotional limits to reduce high-stress situations.
  • Start making more intuitive, authentic decisions and trusting your judgment.
  • Receive a no-effort subconscious healing tool to help you heal from trauma, and reduce stress & anxiety.
  • Receive a no-effort subconscious healing tool to help you increase fearlessness, boldness, & confidence.

Confirmation from Clients

“…I finally see I’m not broken…”

“…in touch with how I feel, and WHY…”

“…better able to control my thoughts…”

“…don’t get as agitated & frustrated…”

Start Your Support


This workshop may not be for you if…

  • You’re unwilling to take 20-30 minutes of personal development time once per week. I designed this program for overwhelmed people with already-full schedules. Although DIY “homework” time is slight, it will still take intention and commitment to consistently spread it out across the days. 
  • You’re unwilling to take ~5-10 minutes of self-care time 3 days per week. True, long-lasting healing is not about “mindset work.” It’s also about ensuring that our bodies are in the right state to retain what we’re teaching it. That retention is the crucial purpose of your self care time.
  • You’d like an overnight fix to challenges that plagued you for several years. Granted, you may feel so overwhelmed by your current struggles that you want relief immediately—I get it. But remember that healing is a measured process. So while you may start feeling better pretty quickly, perhaps experiencing a dramatic improvement by Week 8… healing is a journey. Your body took years to get to this state. Please afford it the time and patience to relearn and rediscover a state of balance, calm, and stability.
  • You’re actively in the middle of a severe, chaotic trauma. While these sessions will be nurturing and you will be “counseled” in a sense, they are not acting as or meant to replace psychotherapy. But private psychotherapy can be fantastic accompaniment to TRANSCEND℠, depending on where you are in your personal development journey. It was integral for me in my first few months of intensive healing work. ♥

What you’ll be asked to do

  • Show up at your chosen date and time, for our 90-min live growth session.
  • Offer feedback after each session, to help shape your very next session(s).
  • Focus on yourself for an hour per week, on your own time, spread across 3-5 days.
  • Implement your Healing Head Starts as much as possible between sessions.
  • Enjoy your newly fulfilling, more purposeful and passionate life. ❤

Accelerate Your Personal Development to Dismantle Business Blocks

Join TRANSCEND℠ (Phase 1)

2 to 4 months of 1-on-1 growth consulting and coaching, actionable strategies, and time-efficient resilience tools.

To ensure Phase 1 of this 1-on-1 workshop is a good fit for your journey
and we’ll be comfortable working together for up to 16 weeks*,
there is an Alignment Call and application process before sign-up.

*Phase I of TRANSCEND is designed to be completed in 8 weeks.
If you want to stretch it out further for your comfort and retention, take up to 16.

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So happy you’re here, Renegade.
I look forward to helping you grow faster. ♥