“Understanding the impact of our past offers
insight into present patterns.
Then we can take empowered,
strategic action to accelerate growth.”


Growth Coach
Root-Cause Results Strategist

& Founder at Energetic Harmony
Harmony Major, Energetic Harmony Founder

Harmony Major’s Short Bio


cross two decades as a serial entrepreneur and consultant, Root-Cause Growth Strategist Harmony Major earned clients like Google, LipoScience, and Space Foundation. She’s been featured on Verizon Small Business, The Best Brain Possible, Small Business Trends and more for growth and productivity thought leadership.

Today, she helps ​​​​​impact-driven small business owners see and stop internal patterns that waste resources and cause plateaus. At Excellent Presence, she helps them build systems and focused action plans to attract more and better clients. At Energetic Harmony, she helps them squash hidden personal patterns slowing business growth.

A high-impact presenter and Entrepreneurial Coach, Harmony speaks on root causes of small business slowdowns. She offers science-based and energetic mindset hacks, time management tools, and concrete action steps to help ambitious leaders build business consistently. She delivers even “weighty” data with purpose, leaving attendees feeling supported, relieved, and hopeful. Her workshops dive deep, offering actionable takeaways entrepreneurs can practice immediately.

For 2022, she was named a Female Entrepreneur to Watch by Women Entrepreneur Magazine, and nominated one of 10 Most Influential Women Business Leaders to Watch by Tycoon Success Magazine.

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Certifications, Accreditations, CE

Google (Digital Marketing)
Hubspot (Inbound Marketing)
Universal Coach Institute (Multiple)
Harvard (Persuasive Writing; Public Speaking)
Harvard (Omens, Oracles & Prophecies; Pending)
International Association of Therapists (Multiple)
National Child Traumatic Stress Network (Multiple)
John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing (Usui Reiki)
Certified Holistic Health, Wellness, & Life Coach (CPD)
National Center for PTSD (Multiple; Pending)
Trauma Institute International (CRP)

Some of Harmony’s Clients

Space Foundation
Cotton, Incorporated
Hines Ugandan Ministries

Federal Public Defenders’ Office of the U.S.
Raleigh Historic Development Commission
University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, Greensboro)
Boys’ and Girls’ Club (Durham & Orange Counties)

Harmony Major’s Leadership Snapshot

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A Message from Harmony: A Healing Story


For a decade or so something had been missing. Despite what I’d achieved in my career, I was bored. Exhausted. Spinning my wheels, working too hard, and I just couldn’t seem to break through to the next level.

I finally realized that the reason I couldn’t seem to “get it together” and take my own businesses to the higher levels I (thought I) wanted them to reach was NOT because I was somehow “flawed.”

I realized that I wasn’t able to “level up” for several very good reasons.

Those reasons were not because “I suck and am a slacker,” (despite what my nagging inner critic told me in my most disheartened moments).

One reason was because I had to refresh my purpose … and follow my true calling.

I was sick of working in the same old career I’d been in since age 19, but I was too afraid to leave the line of work that comprised the vast majority of my work experience.

The other reason was that I had to heal the emotional blocks, intrusive thoughts, and limiting beliefs that kept me running in place.

They had me convinced that I didn’t deserve to move up or move on … that I was ungrateful for what I’d already accomplished … and that I probably just didn’t have what it took to make the types of moves I wanted on the level I craved.

But then, the “aha” moment…

In 2020, I discovered that I experience(d) nearly all of the symptoms of CPTSD.

Not of “PTSD,” but of complex post-traumatic stress disorder—as in I have lived through multiple harrowing, distressing, and terrifying ordeals in my youth and life which still affect the way I run my business (and life) today. (Starting from birth.)

We call those “traumas” in these parts.

For me, the start of C19 was a blessing in disguise, because I was alerted to the existence of online therapy that made psychological counseling considerably more convenient, a lot more approachable, and that offered me the power of CHOICE that I hadn’t found in my area.

Therapy helped my healing journey. But it wasn’t enough.

Even the therapist was (lovingly) frustrated that although I clearly KNEW what to do — and wholeheartedly WANTED to do it — in high-stress situations, I couldn’t seem to… actually DO it.

I tried EMDR, but it was a weird fit for healing the complex/multiple traumatic events I’d experienced. (There was no “ONE trauma” that paralyzed my higher thinking functions.)

I had settled uncomfortably into A State of Paralysis that became my entire adult existence… again, when faced with higher-stress situations.

(I’ve since learned through my trauma education for Energetic Harmony that EMDR was neither created nor designed to be a therapy for multiple-event traumas.)

So again, I dove head first into the holistic, natural world.

I realized that I needed to use the same natural, root cause-based approach that was helping me heal my physical body to heal my emotional (and spiritual) body.

(I also needed to use a body-based approach to heal my emotional trauma… but I hadn’t discovered that quite yet.)

From self-help reading, to psychotherapy/counseling, to hypnotherapy, to various types of reiki, to functional medicine, to sound therapy, to revisiting the Law of Attraction, to several forms of yoga, to trigger point therapy, to herbal remedies, to meditation, to tarot, to … so much more … I tried it.

And within a few months, I finally found the LASTING change I was seeking.

I was finally disabling the fear, and building on the dismantling of each block. (Before, I would seem to overcome a block, achieve a little, then encounter a high-stress situation and get scared… whereupon, I’d then shrink back into the obscurity of the safe, comfortable Web business “background” on which I’d built my career.)

I took what worked most quickly and significantly, chucked the rest, and figured out a recipe others could duplicate that was based on neuroscience and the latest effective trauma research. I’m talking evidence-based modalities, not hocus pocus. (Note: I DO keep me a sprinkling of holistic “woo” to keep things exciting, accelerated, and spiritually fulfilling, because… why not? *wink*)

And so?

I’ve compressed my healing journey into a step-by-step program to help other trauma-affected entrepreneurs finally heal and dial down fear.

Can you relate?

Maybe you’re having a hard enough time just getting out of bed… or sleeping at all… or motivating yourself to do the work.

Or maybe you’re stewing in the depressive dissatisfaction that is just trying to figure out your next move, or where to go with your life or career next.

Maybe you wake up every morning feeling like an emotionless droid because YOU KNOW the path you’re on is not the one you’re supposed to walk… and it’s relentlessly draining your energy.

Even if all you feel like you can do right now is EXIST, tread water, and try to break through to tomorrow…

That’s okay.

It’s only temporary.

That you’re STILL SEARCHING and STILL HAVE HOPE is a beautiful first step.

So give yourself the props you deserve and take the next step, Alternative Thinker.

Armed with an arsenal of healing tools that have worked for thousands of others, I can show you how to feel better. I can help you feel AGAIN, just as long as you’re willing to jump in head first and make the effort to save your own life.

“Save your own life…?”

Yes. I’m not being melodramatic — you already feel this story:

Is it really “living” to d-r-a-g yourself through the motions, day after day, with no sense of purpose, constantly hurting (physically or emotionally)?

Is it really “living” to be dousing yourself in [“insert vice here”] to try to drown out the painful emotions that still sneak into your business and personal interactions when you least expect it… preventing you from embracing your own power and true worth?

Is it truly “living” to be forced to exist despite those stifling body-mind blocks that feel like ever-present shackles around your neck?

Is it “LIVING” to KNOW you need to change, so much so that your body and psyche are LONGING FOR IT… but not doing anything about it because you’re tired of treating symptoms and don’t know exactly what to do for sustainable, root-cause healing?

My dearest, quirkiest, most uniquely wonderful entrepreneur…

Will existing in a state of stagnation, confusion, pain, frustration, and PURE FATIGUE help you achieve the calling you KNOW you were put here for?

Will it help you care for your family?

Hell, will it even help you care for yourself?

Me and the science are both HERE for you, Wonderful Renegade.

After decades of confusion, low self worth, self-criticism, and shame, I broke my shackles and started living FREE and truly HAPPY … for the first time.

Yes, even in the middle of a plandemic.

Do I still have setbacks, feel fear, and get frustrated with myself sometimes because I’m not moving faster? OF COURSE.

But nowhere near to the degree I used to.

Example, you couldn’t get me to go near “public speaking” of any sort. I also sing, so I finally did two shows after 30 years of being too afraid. Around that time, I’d do maybe a couple of open mics per year. With extreme anxiety, even after a few drinks.

But for business, there was no way I was doing a talk, a presentation, a workshop, a Facebook Live, an interview, a networking event–NONE OF IT.

Today, though?

I’ve recorded dozens of YouTube videos spreading awareness in my space.

And I’ve created several live workshops and events, and partner with numerous small business and personal development organizations to run them throughout the year.

It only took me a year to get from there to here.

I still feel scared, nervous, anxious … when I do some of those things. The difference is, NOW I can feel the fear … and DO IT ANYWAY.

So if you’re up for it, I’d like to share what I’ve found with you, so that you don’t have to try to map out a strategy.

Let me show you how to grow faster and sustainably:
stop chasing symptoms of the slow-down.
and start addressing root causes.

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