We help tough, 30-plus Change Agents
release the stress from their tissues
to resolve career issues.

Breathwork, Resilience Training, and Approachable Meditation
for Professionals Who Happen to Be Trauma Survivors

Energetic Harmony helps resilient professionals reenergize through:

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About the Owner

Across two decades, Root-Cause Growth Strategist, Speaker, Reiki Master, Author, & Entrepreneurial Coach Harmony Major has earned clients like Liposcience and Space Foundation. She’s been featured in Yahoo! Small Business, The Best Brain Possible, and spoken at several summits.

Certified by top orgs like Harvard and Antojai Shamanic Wellness, our founder uses behavioral science, coaching, and energetics to help ​​​​​ambitious Change Agents restore their energy to fulfill their professional calling.

Through her signature TAILR℠ Method, she helps clients sustain lasting mood and behavior change in as few as 15 minutes per day.

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Harmony Major, Energetic Harmony Founder

Certified Reiki Master | Hypnotherapist
Root-Cause Growth Strategist

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