We help tough, 30-plus Change Agents
release the stress from their tissues
to prevent career issues.

100% Natural, Self-Guided, Somatic Practices for
Busy Career Professionals and Trauma Survivors

What are “somatic” practices?

Somatic means “body-based.”

You’ll learn to approach career challenges in a unique way
by using your body to control your mindset and behavior.

Most approaches do the opposite,
forcing us to try controlling our “mindset”
to guide our behavior.
This is much harder!

Energetic Harmony helps resilient professionals restore & reenergize through:

About the Owner

Across two decades, Root-Cause Performance & Wellness Strategist, Speaker, Author, & Business Advisor, Harmony Major has earned clients like Liposcience and Space Foundation. She’s been featured in Yahoo! Small Business, The Best Brain Possible, and speaks regularly on improving work performance through tension release.

Certified by orgs like Harvard, Antojai Shamanic Wellness, and Movement Wisdom School of Yoga, our founder uses science, compassion, and coaching to help ​​​​​Change Agents restore their energy to fulfill their professional calling.

Through her signature TAILR℠ Method, she helps clients sustain lasting mood and behavior change in as few as 15 minutes per day.

Learn more about Energetic Harmony below.