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What if you could show up—warts and all—in your business, and
attract better-aligned prospects with a level head and a lot less effort?

This Happened: Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 15th AT 12PM EDT

You’re the strong one. Super well-composed. “Never let ’em see you sweat.” I get it. But what happens when you need the support everyone has come to expect from YOU?

But because we’re that “rock” to our team, clients, friends and family, we become used to hiding the traits we think are weaknesses.

What an exhausting, unfair cycle.

In this workshop, you’ll learn fast-acting, easy-to-use strategies to keep stress and overwhelm at bay and stay balanced. You’ll also learn to transform your perceived “weaknesses” into competitive advantages that spark growth.

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Energetic Harmony℠ upcoming workshop

Welcome, Renegade. I‘m Harmony, I own this joint, and I’m so glad you’re here to destress and heal with me.

I help other radical small business founders to ditch progress-stifling anxiety and transcend the past, to accelerate growth, impact, and scale.

Explore my 8-week TRANSCEND™ growth+healing workshop to get unstuck using neuroscience and body-based CAM therapies, or check out the blog for ​free healing tools, videos, & compassionate support.




Radical Growth & Wellness Consultant
for impact-driven founders