We help entrepreneurial change agents transcend past trauma and/or present stress to harmonize body, mind, and business and align with their highest calling.



Energetic Harmony℠ aims to be the leading Radical Leadership Growth Consultancy helping entrepreneurial change agents to heal the body, rewire the brain, and strategically promote to accelerate growth, impact, and scale.


Founder Harmony Major will ensure Energetic Harmony℠ achieves that vision through:

  • providing thorough foundational data on the stifling effects past traumatic stress had on the entrepreneur’s present behavior, thoughts, and emotions, destigmatizing discussions around developmental trauma by illustrating science with real-world examples.

  • forming strategic partnerships to teach within, write for, run events with, or secure media opportunities with industry-leading impact-driven, equity- or wealth gap-focused nonprofits, startup accelerators, small business podcasts, blogs, membership sites, and organizations that serve our core audience.

  • staying updated on the most effective resiliency training, stress management, trauma neuroscience, and recovery research for complex childhood trauma, staying connected with Excellent Presence for up-to-date guerrilla marketing research and tactics.

  • practicing and encouraging radical self care internally, building, supporting, and maintaining our own resilience, to remain sharp, effective, impact-focused, and dynamic presenters, writers, consultants, and leaders.

  • providing actionable tools, information, and concrete action plans whenever possible that growth-oriented founders can easily consume and quickly implement, to accelerate their ability to transform, heal, and scale.


Energetic Harmony℠ helps entrepreneurial change agents get “unstuck”—for good—through understanding how their personal past created their professional present-day struggles.

With reduced self-blame and self-criticism, and more clarity and intentionality, formerly-plateaued entrepreneurs will find greater boldness, fulfillment, and joy. As a result, they’ll be more effective and empowered to make a bigger impact in the lives of their own amazing clients.

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