We use strategic coaching and science to help impactpreneurs beat stress, hack behavior, and outperform their current selves.



Energetic Harmony aims to be the leading Root-Cause Growth Coaching & Wellbeing Practice helping impactpreneurs transcend unwanted behavioral effects of persistent stress and past trauma, so they can outperform their current selves.


Founder & President Harmony Major will ensure Energetic Harmony achieves that vision through:

  • providing thorough, foundational data on the stifling patterns past traumatic stress creates in our present entrepreneurial behavior, destigmatizing these discussions by illustrating science with real-world examples.

  • forming strategic partnerships to teach within, write for, run events with, or share media opportunities with industry-leading impact-driven nonprofits, startup accelerators, small business podcasts, blogs, membership sites, and organizations that serve our core audience.

  • staying updated on the most effective resiliency training, growth coaching, stress management, trauma neuroscience, and recovery research for complex childhood trauma, staying connected with Excellent Presence for up-to-date guerrilla marketing research and tactics.

  • practicing and encouraging radical self care organizationally, building, supporting, and maintaining our own resilience, to remain sharp, effective, impact-focused, and dynamic presenters, writers, coaches, strategists, and leaders.

  • providing actionable tools, information, and concrete action plans whenever possible that ambitious impactpreneurs can easily consume and quickly implement, to accelerate their ability to transform, heal, and scale.


There’s little more powerful and magnificent than a Change Agent at the top of their game. Problem is, many Change Agents became such due to their own past struggle–and not wanting those they care for to struggle as they did.

You know the saying, “Where there is smoke, there’s fire”?

Well, where there is struggle, there’s toxic stress and/or trauma.

And science proves both of these change the brain, leading to all sorts of lasting, unwanted, uncontrollable behavior patterns.

These hidden patterns can cause crippling anxiety, self-sabotage, and stalled business growth.

That’s why Energetic Harmony helps “stuck” impactpreneurs see and BREAK FREE from those old patterns, so they can grow business happier, with less waste, and do better at “being the change.”

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