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The Surprising Science of Getting Unstuck

Disruptive data behind the *true* origin of business plateaus—plus a mini action plan to level up anyway.



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Most leadership coaches claim all you need to do to get over that hump is “manage your mindset.” They claim that if you were just more focused … better at staying motivated … a little more determined … you’d be able to break through that plateau.

Not only is that insulting, research shows they’re wrong.

In fact, modern science reveals:

  • It’s not our fault motivation gets missing… under pressure.
  • We’re not to blame that our focus gets flawed when you’re stressed.
  • We’re not faulty when intense pressure makes it hard to show up.

Fact is, chronic stress—and past trauma—change our brain, body, and behavior. But with consistent practice of simple, time-efficient, body-based brain change techniques, we can regain control—and put all that great mindset training to good use.

Join Root-Cause Leadership Trainer Harmony Major as she shares the science behind why you’re feeling “stuck.” Then, leave with a specifically tailored mini action plan to power forward with less stress, to accelerate achievement of your goals.

  • How stress (and past trauma) impact present-day performance
  • Innocent choices we make daily that reinforce the rut—and how to counteract them;
  • Why “mindset training” hasn’t been (and may not be) enough for YOU;
  • A simple formula to restore your ability to perform powerfully, even under stress
  • 60 minutes
  • ability to jot down a quick list
  • a little introspection to help yourself power forward
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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Break Down in Private

Actionable tools to recover from burnout and transform perceived “weaknesses” into competitive strengths.


Sept. 15, 2021 at 12PM ET

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Dear Xena or Hercules, can we lay down the swords for a second and talk? In high-stress situations, friends, family, and team members come to you for support and advice. But when YOU need help, do you often:

  • resist being vulnerable … because you think it makes you look “weak”?
  • force yourself to “figure it out” or “suck it up” … instead of asking for help or taking a rest?

I understand. But that “never let ‘em see you sweat” mentality leaves us feeling lonely and depleted, with important needs unmet. So in this workshop, you’ll get actionable strategies to reclaim your balance. And you’ll learn how to transform perceived “weaknesses” into competitive advantages that can help you establish a unique brand, attract better leads, and draw in highly-aligned clients and partners without exerting as much effort.

  • Learn 3 quick-to-implement, effective action steps to clear your mind and your to-do list
  • Learn how to reposition perceived “weaknesses” as strengths that offer a competitive advantage
  • Understand how to attract partners, leads and clients with aligned values with less effort
  • Enjoy improved confidence, self-compassion, and appreciation for your “less than ideal” qualities
  • Map out concrete “next steps” for a fast mini rebranding to broadcast your new market strengths
  • 90 minutes
  • a mobile device (on silent, no vibrate)
  • a blank document to write on/type in
  • openness to having a little fun ;}
  • Increased self-belief in ability to improve performance on similar tasks (Zunick, Fazio, Vasey; 2015)
  • Increased self-confidence in future public speaking tasks (Zunick, Fazio, Vasey; 2015)
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The Grow It Formula ACTION PLAN

Build a low-effort, high-return blueprint to grow 20%+ in your next 90 days.



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You’re busy. I get it. But maybe you want to release some of the “busy-ness” to create more meaningful forward movement.

What if you could escape even 20% of your current to-do list and still boost growth or efficiency by 10%, 25%, or even 50% in the next 90 days? I’ll coach you through creating a specific, step-by-step plan for doing just that.

By the end of this laser-focused 90-minute session, you’ll own a custom blueprint to reduce overwhelm and reclaim clarity. You’ll know your highest-priority action items and BEST next steps to crush your goals the fastest, with the least effort.

And you’ll be prepped to start the moment this event is over.

  • Clarity on your highest priority goal, and how to get there from where you are today
  • Clarity on the DEEPER reason(s) why you’re feeling “stuck,” so you can avoid those traps in future
  • Clarity on the systems or tools you can use to automate, streamline, or speed up your most pressing work
  • Clarity on what area(s) you may want to seek help in to accelerate progress
  • 90 minutes
  • openness to introspection
  • attention, focus, and commitment to this powerful process
  • a device (NOT mobile phone) to type your blueprint**
  • Optional, but strongly encouraged: Some familiarity with your competition and current marketing results (websites, ads, etc.)

** If this is impossible, a hardcopy of the workbook may be able to be provided during the workshop. You risk being unable to keep up if you attempt the workshop from a mobile phone.

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Disabling the “F-Word”

5 steps to break beyond apprehension, anxiety, & avoidance to crush more goals in your business.



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Let’s be honest: Few of us admit we have it. And if we do, discussions are brief and superficial before we’re back to trying to convince ourselves we’re androids who can’t feel feelings.

What’s this dirty word? FEAR, of course. But here’s the thing:

Research shows that the more we refuse to deal with our fears, the harder we make them to overcome. So this combo webinar and workshop lays out the science of disabling this monkey on our backs to surge (or at least step!) forward in boldness. You’ll leave feeling more audacious and empowered, armed with several actionable tools to help you feel the fear less and do it anyway—whatever “it” is. Let’s get fearless.

  • A more positive, empowered perspective on your top anxiety-inducing block
  • Several fast-acting, easy-to-use action strategies to calm the nerves in high-stress situations
  • 90 minutes (of being upfront with yourself to pave your fearless way forward)
  • a device (NOT mobile phone) to type your blueprint**

** If this is impossible, a hardcopy of the workbook may be able to be provided during the workshop. You risk being unable to keep up if you attempt the workshop from a mobile phone.

  • Improved emotion regulation (Gross, 2010)
  • Fewer depression symptoms after experiencing stressful events (Troy et al., 2010)
  • Less anger and more positive emotions (Mauss et al., 2007)
  • Reduced stress and anxiety (Fried, 1993; Rowe, 1999; Wehrenberg, 2008)
  • Increased quality of life (Hagman et al., 2011)
  • Reduced blood pressure (Russell, 2014)
  • Improved self regulation (Russell, 2014)
  • Reduced inflammation (Rosas-Ballina et al., 2011)
  • May reduce intrusive memories (Kemps, Tiggermann, & Christianson, 2008)
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