Wellness Advocate Consult

The starting point for many seeking personal wellness support (only). Coaching and consulting with a 100% holistic approach, taking the total person into account: physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual or energetic, to support your body’s natural healing abilities gently, without doing further harm to an already taxed system. Learn more or book a wellness consult instantly online.

Reiki Therapy

Studies have shown this form of energy medicine to activate the “rest and digest” system for stress relief, healing, repair, and more. Learn more or book reiki therapy instantly online.

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy

Safely access your unconscious mind to overcome limiting beliefs, break unproductive habits, overhaul your thinking, and build empowering neural connections. (Don’t worry, I can’t actually make you bark like a dog while hopping on one leg.) Learn more or book a hypnotherapy session instantly online.

Tarot or Oracle Card Readings

These seem out of place, don’t they? Card readings can help you connect to inner guidance and higher wisdom for clarity and insight, while maintaining privacy surrounding your issue. Learn more or book a tarot/oracle reading instantly online.