Below are some of the services we offer to help impact-driven entrepreneurs
see and stop hidden patterns slowing growth,
and boost ability to get the RIGHT work done.

1-to-1 Entrepreneurial Coaching


This mindset and wellbeing accelerator is our 8- to 16-week signature program. It offers deep personal development work and integrated coaching for ambitious leaders ready to unblock for their next level.

It’s for founders seeking better control over thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions to transcend plateaus.

Gently resolve lasting effects of present-day and past traumatic stress at the root of blocks without re-opening old wounds. Learn more about TRANSCEND.

Growth Coaching

For founders who aren’t experiencing very significant blocks, anxiety, stress, or insecurities, Growth Coaching may be a good fit.

We’ll still work on mindset and unblocking, but Growth Coaching may not allow for very deep work on long-hidden patterns. (For that, explore TRANSCEND.)

From Day 1, I’ll guide you in reevaluating priorities and revamping decisions for easier growth. We’ll ensure your actions are aligned with your goals, purpose and present-day priorities.

Many clients leave Session One with a full 10-year plan. Learn more about Growth Coaching.

Holistic Wellness & Energetics

For other ways to manage stress, shape behavior, and unlock your here-and-now purpose,
I offer reiki, hypnotherapy, card readings, and more.

Intuitive, free-thinking, adventurous types can explore and book instantly online. 😊

Wellbeing Coaching

May include Science-Based Nervous System Support, Guided Meditation, Sound Therapy, and more

Experiencing symptoms of chronic pain, tension, anxiety, sleeplessness, or another long-time challenge? I’ll examine your situation to propose a custom plan to help you find relief, so you can perform better.

The first step is to book a Find Your Focus call.

Do you have a hard time “showing up” at work, in relationships, or for your children? Have occasional invasive memories that keep you emotionally on edge, feeling reactive and sensitive? Is it difficult to relax or focus on you?

We can teach and train you on holistic, body-supportive ways to relieve symptoms like these, even working with your doctor if needed. Start a Find Your Focus call, choosing Stress Management from the menu.

Reiki Therapy

Studies have shown this form of energy medicine to activate the “rest and digest” system for stress relief, healing, repair, and more. Learn more or book reiki therapy instantly online.

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy

Safely access your unconscious mind to overcome limiting beliefs, break unproductive habits, overhaul your thinking, and build empowering neural connections.

(Don’t worry, I can’t actually make you bark like a dog while hopping on one leg.) Learn more or book a hypnotherapy session instantly online.

Tarot or Oracle Card Readings

These seem out of place? Card readings can help you connect to inner guidance and higher wisdom for clarity and insight, while maintaining privacy surrounding your issue. Learn more or book a tarot/oracle reading instantly online.

Or, Unsure Which Services Would Support You Best?
Book a Find Your Focus Consult (Free).

What support may help you feel better fastest? In this confidential 45-minute consult, Root-Cause Growth Strategist Harmony Major, CRP, CHHC will lend an empathetic ear to help suss out the primary challenge(s) holding you back.

While most callers do recover clarity and focus, this is not free coaching.

Based on…

  • any solutions you’ve tried before,
  • your top entrepreneurial or wellbeing obstacle(s),
  • investment you can put toward lasting change, and
  • your top entrepreneurial or wellbeing goal(s),

…I’ll suggest which service(s), order of services, and frequency I believe will help you create the fastest, longest lasting results through our working together.

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