1-to-1 Somatic Stress-Release Sessions

Approachable Meditation Training

Meditation is NOT about sitting cross-legged on a cold, hard floor in silence for an hour. (Well… it can be, if that’s what you’re into.)

It can also be done walking, lying down, standing up, or seated in cushy places while thinking, feeling, or visualizing. And it can last just a few minutes, or longer.

It’s entirely up to you.

So in your first appointment (and by email a bit beforehand), you and Harmony will chat about what works best for YOU, your attention level, and comfort level.

She’ll design a regular practice just right for you, and however long you want to spend on it. You’ll meditate together starting from your very first session. Sessions are also recorded for your use as guided meditations later.

SomaSoothe℠ Flows to Restore Mind-Body Energy

What is SomaSoothe? The art and science of using different ways of manipulating your body to think clearer, feel calmer, and restore balance in the exact moments you need to.

Whether you need help sleeping, or delivering a presentation in the midst of a stressful meeting, these are the tools you need to do it. (Yes, you can do many of them—covertly—in public!)

These may be breathwork, bottom-up trauma recovery tools, mobility improvement, or other strategic tension release tools, depending on your unique needs.

Again, after learning your goals, personality, and preferences, Harmony will design your custom Flow. You’ll flow in this same session.

Depending on the type of Flow that’s right for you, session can be recorded for your later practice.

Yoga for Normal Bodies: 1:1 LIVE or Custom Practices

Want to try (or do more) yoga, but feel so embarrassed trying to follow mainstream yogis? We did, too. That’s why we created Yoga for Inflexible People Normal Bodies.

Yoga is accessible and available to each and every body. Promise.

Whether you’re athletic, or the “chill” type, or somewhere in between… you’ll learn to use yoga to support, strengthen, and improve mobility in YOUR body.

No matter what it’s currently like.

First, Harmony will learn more about your current mind-body state: your goals, challenges, injuries, level of mobility, fitness, etc. Some of this happens by email before your session.

You’ll then practice yoga in this same session, live, or she’ll record an on-demand package you can use later. (Your choice.)

Want a little more info first? Cool.

Interested in any of our services above and want to chat first?

Feel free to email Energetic Harmony.

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She’ll reply and gently ask you just the right questions,
or offer more info, to help you determine fit.

Or, if Energetic Harmony isn’t quite right for you,
she may refer you out to an option that sounds better for your unique needs. ♥