1-to-1 Coaching

TRANSCEND℠ Private Coaching

This mindset and wellbeing accelerator is our 10- to 16-week signature private, 1:1 coaching program based on Harmony Major’s TAILR℠ method.

It offers deep personal development work for ambitious entrepreneurs and career professionals ready to unblock.

It includes life purpose coaching, trauma recovery coaching, body work (somatic training), and more, to help you gain better control over thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions to transcend plateaus.

Gently resolve lasting effects of past traumatic stress to perform better in the present… without re-opening old wounds. Learn more about TRANSCEND, 1-to-1 coaching.

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1-to-1 Stress Management Modalities

Approachable Meditation Training

Meditation is NOT about sitting cross-legged on a cold, hard floor in silence for an hour. (Well… it can be, if that’s what you’re into.) It can also be done walking, laying down, seated in cushy places … while thinking, feeling, visualizing … for just a few minutes, or longer.

So in your first appointment (and by email a bit beforehand), you and Harmony will chat about what works best for YOU, your attention level, and comfort level. She’ll design a regular practice just right for you, and however long you want to spend on it.

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Easy, Non-Corny Breath & Bodywork Training

What are “breathwork” and “bodywork”? The art and science of using different ways of breathing and manipulating your body to think clearer, feel calmer, and restore balance in the exact moments you need to.

Whether you need help sleeping, or delivering a presentation in the midst of a business meeting, these are the tools you need to do it. (Yes, you can do breath- and bodywork—covertly—in public!)

Again, after learning more about your needs, personality, and preferences, Harmony will design a regular practice you can use whenever you need to use it.

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Master-Level Reiki Therapy

Studies have shown this form of energy medicine to activate the “rest and digest” system for stress relief, healing, repair, and more. Learn more or book “distant” reiki instantly.

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Tarot or Oracle Card Reading

Seem out of place? No hocus pocus. Card readings can help you connect to inner guidance and higher wisdom for clarity and insight, still maintaining privacy around your issue.

Super unconventional, yes. But very grounding and informative to help you get in touch with your inner guidance and higher wisdom.

Done via video or phone, sessions last up to an hour. Card readings help you connect to the wisdom of your Higher Self, to gain clarity, insight, and/or to answer a question of your choice.

The more you’re willing to share about your question, the better I’m able to connect the dots when interpreting your cards. But this isn’t required.

Readings are done using tarot cards almost always. If time allows, I may also pull an oracle card either during or after your reading, if the situation calls for it, or to round out your reading.

You can choose your own cards if you’d like, or I can pull them for you.

(If needed, see What is a tarot card reading and how can it help me?)

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