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Searching for “Black reiki practitioners near me,” or Black reiki healers?

My name is Harmony.

I know the importance of choosing a provider you’re comfortable with. Someone who understands you and won’t judge when you seek solace from the toxic stress, chronic adversity, and micro-traumas or macro-traumas you face on a regular basis.

Or, a provider who won’t judge if you decide to NEVER mention any of those things once, because you navigate them enough.

I respect you exactly where you are, working within that space.

Speaking of “where you are” …
location is unimportant in receiving reiki therapy.

Did you know that you don’t need an in-person treatment to receive the benefits of reiki?

Although I’m located in Raleigh, NC and Washington, DC, I can perform your treatment from anywhere.

You don’t need to risk close proximity to your reiki practitioner to get full benefits of reiki.

Instead, we’ll do a safe, effective “absentee treatment.” These are also called “distant treatments,” but that’s a misnomer. I’m not sending the energy across any distance. The energy will be present with you, exactly where you are.

I usually hold absentee treatments through Zoom (or other video means), although phone and sleep sessions are also options. Learn more about reiki services, rates, and how our sessions are held here.

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