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Searching for “Black reiki practitioners near me,” or Black reiki healers?

My name is Harmony.

I know the importance of choosing a provider you’re comfortable with, who understands you and won’t judge you when you seek healing for any of the toxic stress, chronic adversity, and micro-traumas or macro-traumas you face on a regular basis.

Or, a provider who won’t judge you if you decide you NEVER want to mention any of those things once, because you navigate that enough.

I respect you exactly where you are, working within that space.

5 Ways I’m Unique (and Why it Matters
to Your Search for Black Reiki Practitioners).

BlackReikiPractitionerNearMe-HarmonyM-min1. I’m passionate about continuing education, and constantly striving to get better results for my client fam. (On that, you can read what a few of my clients have to say.)

2.A lifelong self-development junkie, I’m constantly striving to be a more clear and open channel, to raise my vibration, to heal my own past traumas and wounds, and to change my brain for the better with strategic body-mind work. (Here’s the healing process I follow.)

This constant internal work and tuning in helps me be more regulated, more present, and more useful to YOU for your mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.

A Black spiritual healer must balance and prioritize her own healing. ♥

3.I’m a master at connecting the dots others miss, and I apply that gift to help open-hearted entrepreneurs healing from trauma to grow their businesses and re-energize their lives.

4. I have no further desire to constantly vent about, think about, or give significant energetic space to systemic injustices and obstacles.

Don’t misunderstand: Educating others (and myself) about inclusion is one thing. I do that, but there’s a time and a place. (I generally save that for the blog over at Excellent Presence.)

Like you, I know these things are there. (#RedPill)

It’s just that I’d rather devote my time and energy on doing work to help you and others TRANSCEND childhood trauma and disable fear

…find your peace again, find your PURPOSE, resolve longstanding body-mind roadblocks, and increase your vibration to live a life that helps you feel FREE…

despite the strategic obstacles placed by a system that’s determined and designed to make every human being feel otherwise.

5.I outline my energy healing services in a clear, thorough, and organized way, so you understand what you’re getting, how everything works, and what it’s like to work with me.

I need the same from providers I use, so I offer you nothing less.

Because you made it here, you probably already know what reiki is, how it works, and how it can help you. Even still, I find that many people, from recipients to practitioners ourselves, tend to have a fairly loose understanding of the science behind reiki, and the results it’s helped others outside their practice to achieve.

Being a recovering perfectionist with an insatiable thirst to voraciously consume All The Things about the areas I’m passionate about… my What is Reiki? guide covers those things and a lot more. ???? So it’s an excellent place to start, no matter your current level of understanding.

And finally, if you’d like to know more about me and why Energetic Harmony℠ exists, please visit the About page. (I’ve got a recording there for you. ♥)

Why Choose a Black Reiki Healer?

Aside from cultural background, there are a few additional reasons you might choose me in your search for Black spiritual healers. That’s up next.

But before I go there… let me be up front and say that it doesn’t really matter who you choose, if a “Black energy healer” who knows “reiki” is all that you seek.

Reiki knows how to reach the places in you that need healing.

But just as it’s not only about “the reiki”… seeking a Black reiki provider isn’t about what I look like. (Of course.)

You may just want to support an African American-owned business… and that’s great. I appreciate you.

But many people’s search is about a bit more.

It may be about finding a healer that looks like you. If so, then I realize you’re seeking similarities in “where I come from” (ancestrally speaking), in what I’ve gone through, in what’s important to me, and also in how I live.

And I understand that what you’re really seeking is comfort. Familiarity. And again, a safe space where you feel understood and are less likely to feel “othered.”

It’s because I understand that I’ve shared what makes me unique… to help with your decision.

Because, to me, there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to navigate an endless sea of generic “energy medicine practitioners” and “energy healers” of any gender, orientation, or cultural background, catching no vibe of WHO you’re really dealing with.

TIP: If you want to know more of who I am, you can check my About page, follow me on Facebook (the real ME, not the “business page”), and book a free Wellness Jumpstart Call with me.

The About page is the best place to start. Since it’s just as important to me to work with people *I* like, I put myself out there so we can both start out on the same page. ;)

I hope I made your search for Black reiki practitioners a bit easier, regardless of who you choose.


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