At Energetic Harmony, Entrepreneurial Growth Coaching is about helping the ambitious entrepreneur to:

  1. choose the highest-impact action plan to meet your specific goal, to avoid trying “a thousand ways” before you find one that works.
  2. see and address any growth challenges at their true root, to prevent them popping up later in surprising ways and scenarios.

To us, a “high-impact” action plan is one that helps get you to your goal fastest, with the biggest returns, using the fewest resources (time, money, energy).

Growth Coaching Isn’t Traditional Business Coaching: It’s Upleveled.

Traditional business coaching is focused only on the business. So when you need help reaching a goal, only “business & marketing tactics” are inspected.

Then, new business/marketing ideas are typically encouraged or supported based on one of two things:

  1. What everyone else is doing (in your industry, or biz in general), or
  2. What’s been shown “to work best“—but not necessarily for you, running your particular business.

In traditional business coaching, when you’re “stuck,” again… only business & marketing ideas are inspected.

By contrast, Growth Coaching at Energetic Harmony is concerned with both the business and its people. (Mostly one person in particular—you, the leader.)

And also, the choices best for them at a given time.

We recognize that the business is run by humans.

And the wellbeing and function of those humans decides the success of the business.

And because each human running each business creates a unique situation, we always seek to determine best steps for your specific situation.

We take into account:

  • your preferences,
  • your personality,
  • your available resources (time, energy, money),
  • your short- and long-term goals,
  • your overall life goals,
  • and whatever else makes sense.

So, Growth Coaching is entrepreneurial coaching using a complete 360 strategy, which accounts for:

  1. your business’s wellbeing and operations, internally
  2. your wellness and function, as the business’s “fuel”
  3. how the way you’re operating impacts how well your business operates.

Your Business’s Wellbeing & Operations, Internally

As a 20-year full-time small business owner, consultant, marketing strategist, and business advisor, I’ve used, installed, configured, created, and suggested hundreds of tools, action plans, and strategies to help companies streamline and automate operations, from solo providers to multimillion-dollar organizations.

I draw on that insight to help you find ways to meet your goals faster, happier, and with less effort.


Is it hard to grow because you’re overwhelmed by lack of systems and processes?

Do you not understand your ideal client well enough to know how/where to find or sell to them?

Many business advisors, coaches, and strategists constantly “brainstorm” with clients, recommending support from the same tired handful of popular ideas.

By contrast, I get to know your business intimately. Only then can I truly help you evaluate best options for your unique needs, growth stage, budget, time, etc.

Your Wellness & Function, as the Business’s “Fuel”

As a trained Root-Cause Growth Strategist and Wellbeing Consultant, I respect the inexorable link between how you’re doing and how business is doing.

With Growth Coaching (as opposed to Wellbeing Coaching), we’re only addressing your personal wellness as it impacts business wellness.

Seeking help scaling to a new level … targeting a different ideal client … or making revenue more consistent?

We’re not spending a ton of time addressing your back pain.

Just like we’re not spending a ton of time addressing anxiety symptoms.

But physical wellness may come in as:

  • Do you have back pain that steals resources you need to “show up” and grow up (biz-wise)?
  • What can we do about it so you’re able to work longer, or more comfortably?
  • How does how you work contribute TO the back pain… which, in turn, affects your work?

And mental-emotional wellness may come in as:

  • Do you have anxious feelings preventing you from doing high-impact work?
  • Is there a hidden fear of failure causing self-sabotage?

In Growth Coaching, we always connect any wellness troubleshooting to your business goals.

What is Growth Coaching Like at Energetic Harmony?

First, let’s outline important differences in working with different types of providers:

  1. Coach: You’re the expert. Coach doesn’t offer answers, just structure for what YOU want to do.
  2. Consultant: She’s the expert. Offers answers and advice to help you solve a specific problem.
  3. Advisor: She’s the expert. Offers solutions and long-term guidance on complex present and potential problems.
  4. Mentor: Has achieved something you want, so is “an” expert. Doesn’t formally advise you.
  5. Strategist: She’s your partner expert. Offers answers and deep customization to suit you.
  6. Trainer: She’s the expert. Offers proven toolbox and instruction to improve a specific pain.

As you can see, the lines blur.

Like many listening and helping professionals, we incorporate all of these into Growth Coaching, depending on your preferences, personality, and of course, what you want.

Generally though, as your Root-Cause Growth Coach, I act primarily as your Strategist, Coach, and Advisor in areas of business, entrepreneurship, marketing, and wellbeing.

Target Your Success at its Root.

At Energetic Harmony, we help you connect dots others don’t see that could be impacting your bottom line.

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