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A lot of other newsletters regurgitate old marketing advice in the hope that subscribers will buy their products. Not you! The articles in your ezine are nothing short of essential, and these are given even more depth by some really original additions; inspiring quotes, reader polls…even competitions. Great job, Harmony! Kai Merriott

Harmony, I want to say “THANKS”—I can truthfully say your work was the catalyst in getting me excited about doing business on the Web. You have been a real inspiration.Don Crawley

I have been a loyal subscriber to your ezines Harmony, and you are one of the very few that I trust and believe who exudes credibility and honesty. That’s why I have stuck with you for about 3 years now. You are one whom I rate highly, who I truly believe are sincerely out there to help, not just out to make a quick sale. Mikhail Mansour

Get time-efficient, actionable tools and insights for busy business owners (and devoted side hustlers).

Rooted in neuroscience, behavior change psychology, and ancient eastern healing methods, Power Forward will help you increase effectiveness, bypass perceived limitations, and hit your targets—even if you’ve been plateaued for years.

It’s expressly tailored to give leaders from “rough childhoods” or dealing with chronic stress—hello, entrepreneurial life—a powerful goal-crushing advantage.

Sent only when I have something of value to impart. (Around 1-2x monthly-ish.)

When you join, you’ll also get the mini-training: “8 Minutes a Day to Better Business Motivation, Higher Productivity, & Better Sleep.

It’s a brain change tool (guided audio format) to help you build a solid foundation for boosting performance.

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