This is the starting point for many seeking holistic wellness support.

When we seek to improve our wellness, there usually isn’t just “one thing” out of balance. For instance, I found that I needed support in many areas: stress relief, digestive, hormonal, movement, and sleep.

It’s a daunting job to tackle this alone, particularly when trying to navigate the blocks, judgments, and stigmas inherent in the U.S. healthcare system, as one example. It’s also not designed to get to or resolve root causes, but rather, treats symptoms and acute conditions.

The Wellness Advocate Consult is to help me get deeper clarity on your health history and current wellness challenges, to be able to offer informed, relevant suggestions that may help provide relief for ROOT CAUSES and chronic challenges where Western medicine hasn’t.

My approach is 100% holistic, taking the total person into account: physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual or energetic. I specialize in helping you heal from the lasting effects of past trauma (without reopening old wounds).

As a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach studying functional medicine and the neuroscience of trauma, I’m happy to work with your doctor, and/or help you better understand the suggestions of your provider.

To ensure you’re getting the support you need, I’ll even attend appointments with you, or help you review recommendations, guidelines, and test results to help ensure you’re asking the right questions to get the answers you seek from your provider.

The goal is to help you improve your total well-being and avoid drugs and surgery if you can, by supporting and enhancing your body’s natural healing abilities–gently, and without doing further harm to an already taxed system.