Hey! If you’re anything like us, you’ve Googled “yoga for inflexible people” a time or two, to try to find normal-seeming yoga.

You know, yoga that doesn’t expect you to weigh 95lbs, have 0.003% body fat, or be able to wrap your ankles behind your ears.

Most of us have seated jobs these days.

And even if we don’t, we don’t have jobs (or lives) where we just … stretch around all day. So we can move like gymnasts.

That doesn’t make you “inflexible.” It makes you normal. (No offense, Renegade. ;)

So here at Energetic Harmony, you’ll find yoga. For normal people. People with bodies like yours, however flexible (or “inflexible”) they may be. (We’ll talk more about that later.)

Welcome! Your normal body thanks you.

More to come soon.

-Energetic Harmony