About Harmony “H.T.” Major

Harmony is the owner and founder of ExcellentPresence.com, where she advises established minority-and women-owned small businesses on how to strategically use their web presence to get more clients from the Internet, and grow business consistently.

Harmony started her first successful Web business in 1999, converting it to full-time in less than one year — all before her 20th birthday. Harmony has found several volunteer opportunities through Activate Good in the past, but when she came upon the project for PLM Families Together, she jumped at the chance to help.

Harmony felt this was perfect match between her web-development skills and a cause she is passionate about helping:

To provide some insight, I was homeless as a young child… so their mission truly struck a strong chord. I first volunteered professionally for PLMFT one evening last year, and found myself fighting tears when I learned about how they do what they do, and the enormous impact they seek to make. Being so personally connected to the depth and importance of their work, it was a true honor to activate Excellent Presence to help PLM Families Together in their all-important quest to rally even more volunteers… to help change more lives. We’ll be excited to hear their results!

About PLM Families Together

PLM Families Together helps homeless families reach independence by providing housing and supportive services. By advocating for families to receive adequate and affordable housing, as well as offering ongoing support to these families, the organization hopes that it will be able to help them avoid entering a situation of homelessness again.

The Importance of Volunteers to Triangle Nonprofits

Volunteers are very important to the mission of PLM Families Together, and for the past year they have been actively building up their volunteer program. With help from Harmony, PLM Families Together is making the process of becoming a volunteer easier and more accessible by creating a more user-friendly website.

Among other features, Harmony is working with the organization to develop an easily accessible online volunteer interest form and a system for posting volunteer opportunities online in real time, so that they can communicate their most urgent needs.

Megan Oleson, Community Engagement Coordinator for PLM Families Together, is thrilled with the progress of the project so far.

Working with H.T. has been great! She is professional and takes the time to listen and understand the challenges/concerns we have regarding our website and has helped us to reach a solution. The options that have been presented are great and function exactly the way we envisioned. Because of our extremely small staff, reducing the steps to volunteers and in-kind donations means we can focus on growing our volunteer program and not just keeping up. We are very grateful for the Pro Heroes project for making these improvements to our site possible. We believe this project will significantly improve our interaction with our volunteers and engage the community as a whole.

Learn more about Activate Good’s Pro Heroes Initiative.

Originally published on the Activate Good blog.