Although we know reiki to be a very useful rebalancing tool in helping heal childhood trauma, let’s talk for a moment about how it helps to heal more singular concerns.

Many reiki clients (and those considering reiki) only assume that the therapy will help resolve the specific ailment they seek healing for. But there are at least three other ways reiki can help, which many of us, (clients and providers alike), rarely discuss — or even think to consider.

How Does Reiki Heal?

Reiki can help:

  1. by improving the issue directly
  2. by improving the underlying behavior
  3. by healing the primary (physical) contributing factor
  4. by healing emotional trauma causing the issue

Let’s go over each way in kind, using the example of chronic digestive distress.


Let’s say “Sally” has this “distress,” which presents as indigestion (bloating, gas, intermittent constipation, food sensitivities, fatigue after eating, etc.)

A somewhat unpleasant example, I apologize! But it’s very common in the States, particularly. ♥

Please note, this is just an example to help illustrate the various ways reiki may approach the problem. While it’s based on real-world experiences, results, and client stories, it isn’t a specific account or a guarantee of results, of course.

1. By Improving the Issue Directly

Again, this is the most obvious way reiki may seem to help.

After the first session, Sally feels markedly better: less bloated, she’s able to tolerate aggravating foods a little better, and she’s able to use the bathroom just fine that day.

Then, after a few sessions of reiki therapy, these improvements continue, and her overall symptoms are 25 to 50% lessened.

In this scenario, how does reiki heal? In the way most clients may expect: it helped to directly and obviously heal the specific issue Sally came for.

2. By Improving the Underlying Behavior

In another scenario, let’s say Sally sees no improvement in her symptoms after receiving several reiki sessions.

But after a month of weekly sessions, she decides to reduce her dairy and meat intake, and up her veggie intake, because she’d been hearing and reading over the years that these were highly inflammatory.

The thing is, Sally has known this for years.

But she, “for some reason decided to” change her behavior after beginning reiki. :}

And of course, as a result, Sally has an improvement of symptoms: regular bathroom visits, feels more comfortable, is less bloated, and experiences less food sensitivity (in part because she’s cut out some of the aggravating foods!).

In this case, reiki helped heal the behavior that was causing her symptoms.

3. By Healing the Primary (Physical) Contributing Factor

In this scenario, Sally doesn’t change her diet or do anything differently. And she doesn’t experience relief right away… other than sleeping better than she has in years.

In fact, while Sally experiences no obvious improvements across two months of weekly treatments… wouldn’t you know it? SLEEP was what her body was missing. (This is the primary time our bodies heal themselves.)

And after a couple of months, she does start to see improvements in her digestive symptoms, because by sleeping more, she increased her body’s opportunities to heal itself. And so it does.

In this case, how does reiki heal? Reiki helped Sally sleep … and sleep deprivation was the primary (physical) contributing factor to why her digestive system was unable to heal.

4. By Healing Emotional Trauma Causing the Issue

In this scenario, Sally again doesn’t make any changes to her diet or lifestyle.

After a few weeks of reiki therapy, when she talks to her brother on the phone, she finds that she’s not as triggered by the things he’s saying any more. They kind of roll off her back without her feeling angry or intimidated like she usually does.

Then, when she goes to her monthly divorce support group, she realizes that she doesn’t have much to share in session. And she realizes she hasn’t felt nearly as emotionally impacted by her recent divorce as she had been.

After a couple of months of reiki therapy, Sally starts to notice that her digestive symptoms have improved right along with her emotional state.

In this case, reiki helped heal the emotional wounds that initially sparked her digestive upset, and her symptoms began to resolve.

Reiki is Versatile, Intelligent… & Not Limited by Our Expectations

We now know that everything in the universe is energy — our ailments and emotions included. So it stands to reason that reiki can help us in so many more ways than we’d ever think possible.

I hope this was helpful in getting to the heart of what we might expect when we sign up for reiki therapy. You can learn more in What is Reiki, How Does it Work, and How Can it Help Me?

As a Master-Level Reiki Therapist trained in multiple modalities (Usui III, Kundalini, Quantum, et al.), I’ve learned so much from the experiences of other practitioners, from my own clients, and certainly from my own experiences in receiving reiki.

I hope this answered the question, “How does reiki heal?” But feel free to comment here with any questions you have.

To Your Total Wellness,

.: Harmony :.

P.S. Did this help give you another perspective that maybe you hadn’t considered? Please share with me in the comments. ♥