Designed for focused, ambitious small business owners, this application-only, 45-minute session will help you:

  1. Uncover the most significant obstacle(s), or potential obstacle(s) slowing/stopping your progress;
  2. Pinpoint current or potential areas you’re leaking time/money/energy that could be fueling faster growth.

Congrats for receiving an invite! I look forward to helping boost your clarity, focus, and resolve.

What internal changes are YOU trying to make, Change Agent?

If you’re an impact-driven, goal-oriented Impactpreneur who wants to stop (or avoid) running in place, let’s connect.

Do you need:

  • to create a clear, repeatable plan to establish growth consistency?
  • to organize your brilliant ideas into concrete action plans?
  • to trust yourself more, and finally go after your dreams?
  • to dial back an all-consuming fear of failure, or crippling anxiety symptoms?
  • a compassionate plan to stop letting perfectionism and self-doubt stall growth?
  • to stop doing too much and handling it all on your own?
  • science-backed mindset work to help you actually break through resistance?
  • tangible takeaways and insights that help you grow and improve?
  • To boost confidence to make next-level decisions?
  • accountability and high-level support from an accomplished, 20yr consultant?

Let’s fast-track your progress to help you outperform your current self.

Harmony Major, Energetic Harmony Founder

Across two decades, Root-Cause Growth Strategist Harmony Major has earned clients like Google and Space Foundation, and been featured in Yahoo! & Verizon Small Business and The Network JournalTrained by top institutions like HubSpot and Harvard, she runs Energetic Harmony and Excellent Presence, helping impactpreneurs see and stop hidden patterns slowing growth, then create smart systems and action steps to grow business happier with less effort.

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Top Questions

In “Clarity Coaching,” I’m making inquiries into various aspects of your professional situation to get to the root of what’s hindering growth most for YOU.

I guide you, you do most of the talking, I take (copious) notes, and we connect the dots together at the end.

Although we ARE connecting dots, there’s no space for the full process of Root-Cause Growth Coaching to unfold in these sessions.


  1. You may not trust me enough yet to be too vulnerable—or to be open to deep(er) insights.

And I respect that. So I won’t offer insights that could be troubling to receive from “a stranger.” Relationship-building takes time. I intuitively share when it seems right.

  1. I need time to learn your business, personality, and preferences.

If a coach, consultant, strategist, or advisor is “advising” you without digging in deeply to understand the nuances of your situation … they’re either offering generic advice, broad “ideas” you can find anywhere, or they’re guesstimating.

That approach wastes everyone’s time. 

But it’s probably exactly what you’ve gotten from coaching in the past.

Especially if you’ve left sessions (or the relationships) feeling frustrated, berated, unheard, bombarded with “ideas” … and even more overwhelmed (or stuck) than when you started.

It takes time—and trust—for a fruitful deep dive.

This isn’t something we can systematically establish in just 45 minutes.

Instead, this would happen through continued Growth Coaching sessions, as I learn about your business’s challenges, strengths, and help unearth the best courses of action for YOU.

The Power45 guides you toward insights that help you take more relevant, decisive action toward your highest-priority goal.

No*. Booking your time slot is the first step of two to confirming your appointment. There is a short-ish application after booking to ensure we’re aligned on this leg of your journey.

If we’re not aligned, your time slot may be cancelled. Here are a few reasons common reasons that happens:

  • Incomplete application / Questions skipped or left blank.
  • Clipped, 1- or 2-word answers that show lack of intention or commitment.
  • Answers that imply a lack of readiness or willingness to change.
  • Noisy, chaotic environment during live call time.
  • Being 5+ minutes late for your scheduled slot.

With just one of me—and with work/life balance so important—I’m discerning as to how I split time between entrepreneurial commitments.

And I want to ensure we’re a good fit to help you grow forward.

* In summary, so long as none of the above happens (and we don’t have any active personal vendettas 😂), your time slot is pretty much guaranteed. And I look forward to connecting with you.

Yes, which is why they’re reserved for aligned small business owners only (as described in the last answer).

After the session, if you’d like to discuss hiring me as your Growth Coach (or other provider), convo may extend a few minutes longer to work out those details.

Depending on you and your needs, your Growth Coaching sessions could span from ~30 minutes to ~90 minutes.

What influences that?

  • your schedule
  • your budget
  • your attention span :}
  • the depth of the deep dive
  • your goals timeline
  • etc.

So, session length can be whatever works for you, within the above time range.

As these are no-cost sessions offered on a limited basis, I stick pretty closely to the availability shown.

The exception is if you already know you’d like to become a client.

In those cases, Monday, Wednesday, or Friday sessions can be arranged.

To schedule, go ahead and book above for the TIME slot you want.

Before submitting the booking form, just share your preferred DAY (Mon., Wed., or Fri.) in the “Anything else you’d like to add?” field.

I feel you. The thing is, video can work better for building initial connection.

I’m a “thinker.” (A lot of my clients are, too.)

So there can be many “uncomfortable” silences as either of us are thinking. Video helps make that obvious.

But don’t worry. If we transition to ongoing coaching, phone sessions are definitely an option.

Power45s are held by video simply to help things flow more smoothly.

But look on the bright side: Pants aren’t even necessarily required. 🥳

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