Are you in or approaching a state of emergency, saddled with chronic toxic stress and high anxiety, feeling like you’re swiftly approaching burnout?

Have you just about reached your breaking point, feeling unable to function at peak levels for sustained periods?

I’ve been where you are.

And I’ve used neuroscience, ancient healing modalities, and nervous system rewiring to finally leave that toxic hamster wheel.

Now, I’ll help you.

Mental-emotional health is a tricky thing.

Because we can’t see something bruised, broken, or otherwise wounded, it’s so easy to start believing that our dangerous, toxic stress levels are “normal.”

Especially if we’ve seen these levels since childhood. They’ve become our norm.

But sustained levels of pressure, toxicity, and stress wreak havoc on our health and quality of life… and consequently, our career.

If you find yourself in a critical state, the 8-Week R&R (Recalibrate & Regulate) was created specifically to help.

What to Expect

Starting out right away by providing you several tools to cut your stress level by several notches, you’ll start resetting your sense of balance from Day 1. You won’t do any “work” right away. The first weeks are all about learning and radical destressing. 

Then, once you’ve got your bearings, you’ll begin to:

  1. get in touch with your body and (re)discover what various thoughts & feelings mean;
  2. learn your body’s unique ways of guiding your next steps, to make more lucrative decisions;
  3. recognize your emotional limits, to avoid self-sabotage and plateaus; and
  4. recalibrate your level of tolerance to thrive, even in high-stress situations.

This crucial work sets the foundation for all other forms of healing.

By the end of Week 1, you should feel more grounded, balanced, and your stress level reduced by several points.

You’ll also come to an understanding of WHY you’ve had the emotions, behavior patterns, fears, and anxieties you have.

Self-compassion and self-acceptance will start to increase dramatically, and you’ll feel relieved and empowered to embark on this new healing journey.

By the end of Week 8, you should feel much more level-headed, balanced, and in control of your life and emotions.

You’ll be in a much clearer, more rational state of mind to make the important decisions you need to fuel your growth.

Modalities Used

  • guided psychoeducation (to improve self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-compassion, & increase feelings of competency)
  • energy medicine balancing tools (to help regulate the autonomic nervous system, preventing over/underactive stress response)
  • guided body-based healing exercises (to rewire the nervous system and increase resilience)
  • guided self-reflection (increases competence and decreases stress that may interfere with professional growth & learning)

Step 1 of 2: Schedule a Time to Chat

To ensure that this is the best option for your healing journey,
there is an Alignment Call and application process before sign-up.