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Root-Cause Trauma Coach, Harmony Major, CRP, CSFCHi, I’m Harmony Major, CRP, CHHC, CSFC, a childhood trauma survivor and root-cause trauma coach for business, entrepreneurial, and career professionals.

That means I help you address the root of whatever problems old trauma is causing in your professional career.

As a professional trauma recovery coach, certified and rigorously trained in areas like Psychological and Emotional Resilience, Solution-Focused Coaching, Master-Level Reiki Therapy, and Hypnotherapy.

I use these tools–plus training in the biology of stress and neuroscience of trauma–to help devoted leaders like you release the past and power forward in your career with greater calm, clarity, and confidence.

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What’s a Trauma Coach—and How Can One Help You?

A trauma coach helps us see and stop the hidden patterns slowing our personal and professional growth.

Basically, a trauma coach is a certified professional, rigorously trained to help you:

  • understand how past trauma is shaping your present-day behavior;
  • use that insight to set specific goals to improve your future;
  • learn, commit to, and adopt new coping strategies that make reaching those goals easier;
  • recognize and navigate present-day situations that may be retraumatizing you;
  • discover new resources and tools to better cope with stress in your life and business;
  • identify when therapy or counseling may be a more helpful fit than coaching.

Here at Energetic Harmony, we focus on these in the context of how they impact your career growth today.

Because you can find a trauma recovery life coach pretty easily with a simple search.

It’s much harder to find trauma recovery career and business coaches.

Where career is concerned, a trauma coach will help you see and navigate the myriad ways the past affects your present, so you can better achieve your life and professional goals.

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Childhood Trauma Changes Our Lives and Our Careers.

I can help you see how—and take control.


Traumatic events literally change the brain, body, and behavior.

Meaning what we go through in our past literally shapes how we navigate life and career as adults.

For instance, in Trauma Effects on Career: Are Tough Past Events Slowing Your Present-Day Growth?, I explain how one woman’s early complex trauma and emotional abuse became a fear of public speaking… that affects the growth of her business.

As a complex trauma survivor myself, I know how impossible it can feel to break old thought and habit patterns that kept you safe as a child.

Especially when most of them are subconscious.

Our past shapes our future in so many hidden ways.

One of THE most important things we can do to build a stronger career is heal childhood trauma’s lasting effects.

That’s where a compassionate, well-trained, intuitive trauma coach can help you take life and business to another level.

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How Does Trauma Affect Decision Making?

Unresolved trauma can affect our ability and quality of decision-making in a number of ways:

  • irritability and impatience, causing rushed decisions;
  • “analysis paralysis,” or inability to choose at all;
  • difficulty staying focused on the details needed to make decisions;
  • racing, scattered, or intrusive thoughts that slow decision making;
  • cloudy thinking or “brain fog” making it hard to follow complex thoughts to completion;
  • challenges remembering things you need to be able to make a decision;
  • difficulty focusing on long-term consequences of present-day decisions;
  • many other ways.

Of course, any of these may also be symptoms of mental or physical illness. It’s important to consult with a licensed, qualified medical or mental health provider, not a trauma coach, if you suspect you might have a medical problem.


How Trauma Recovery Coaches Differ from Therapists

Our TRANSCEND℠ program isn’t therapy; it’s a special type of growth coaching for leaders.

But What’s the Difference Between Coaching and Therapy?

Ask either type of provider, and you’ll get a slightly different answer. says:

[Coaches] distinguish themselves from therapists most clearly in their focus on helping clients progress on concrete, specific, action-oriented goals.

That’s the main difference with us, too.

Coaching is geared toward helping you get closer to a tangible goal you set. We help you work on behaviors or blocks so that you can achieve that goal. Like:

  • Launching a product by a certain date.
  • Being able to promote yourself without that fear > self-sabotage cycle.
  • Reaching a certain income bracket by a particular date.
  • Overcoming money blocks, so you can promote the business more consistently.
  • Etc.

Therapy is often geared toward looser, less tangible goals:

  • Feel more confident.
  • Troubleshoot and stop feelings of inadequacy.
  • Stop feeling depressed.
  • Reduce anxiety in social situations.

But that’s not always true. It depends on the professional you choose. For more info and distinctions, see The Difference Between Coaching and Therapy? Ask Your Provider.

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A Trauma Informed Performance Coach
for Childhood Trauma Survivors

You want to perform better under pressure, at home and at work.

You want to know how your past affects business today.

And you want CONTROL over those trauma responses, to build a happier future.

I get it.

I can help you reduce the pressure you feel, and boost your consistency, confidence, courage, and fulfillment as you navigate your purposeful adult career.

That’s why I created TRANSCEND℠. It’s a holistic coaching program for entrepreneurs like us, whose adult lives are affected by childhood trauma. (It works for career professionals, too.)

I’ve combined my trauma recovery training with 20+ years of business management experience to create a recovery and growth program specifically for professionals.

Across two decades of serving as a small business owner and advisor, I’ve earned clients like Google, LipoScience, and Space Foundation.

And I’ve been featured on Verizon Small Business, The Best Brain Possible, Small Business Trends and more.

For 2022, I was named Female Entrepreneur to Watch by Women Entrepreneur Magazine, and nominated one of 10 Most Influential Women Business Leaders to Watch by Tycoon Success Magazine.

And I speak regularly for international organizations on stress management, trauma recovery, and business growth topics.

I’d be honored to serve as your mentor and coach, to support you in releasing your past, so you, too, can power forward in your career.

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Harmony Major, CRP, CHHC, CSFC

A professional provider with certifications, certificates, and training in:

  • Trauma Recovery (ex: Psychological & Emotional Resilience; Child Trauma, Race, & Urban Identity; PTSD & Sleep)
  • Professional Coaching (ex: Solution-Focused, Life Purpose, and Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching)
  • Stress Management (ex: Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy; Master-Level Reiki Therapy)
  • Marketing & Business (ex: Inbound Marketing; Digital Marketing; SEO/Google Ranking)

Learn more about certified trauma recovery professional and program creator, Harmony Major.

How Can a Trauma Coach Help My Business or Career?

A trauma coach helps shine light on how past personal patterns are affecting your business or career growth. Then they help you consistently do more of what’s working, and less of what’s holding you back.

We often go through life unaware of just how much our past shows up in our decisions, habits, thoughts, and beliefs we hold about ourselves, other people, and the world.

Unresolved trauma can create speedbumps, internal blocks, patterns, and self-sabotage we don’t even notice.

And they affect how fast we’re able to reach our goals.

In business in particular, our past personal influences are often nearly invisible. It’s rare to even know how they show up, much less how they impact success.

When we fail to consider how our past shapes our future in every life area, we miss the wisdom (and career growth) that insight would bring.

Why Trauma Coaching for Entrepreneurs, Specifically?

I offer trauma recovery coaching to all professionals.

But as a 20-year+ entrepreneur with CPTSD symptoms myself … the business owners’ journey is the one closest to my heart.

Entrepreneurs are constantly swimming upstream.

We personalize our companies’ successes and failures.

We emotionally attach to common business events, like product launches, gaining/losing clients, and user reviews.

Even worse, we’re often isolated from most of our friends, family, and peers. They just don’t get this high-stress/high-reward life choice!

As an entrepreneur for more than half my life, I get this firsthand. How different is the entrepreneurial experience from other career professionals!

I believe business owners healing from past trauma NEED customized support, because:

  • Many aspects of entrepreneurship itself can often feel traumatic.
  • Entrepreneurs have a higher tendency toward anxiety and depression.
  • While trauma informed life coaches are easy to find, trauma informed business coaches are not.
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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use a business/career coach instead?2022-07-30T20:58:10-04:00

Think of the top problem you’re having in your business or career.

Have you had the problem for a long time, despite different tactics you’ve tried to resolve it?

Would your situation be helped by a change of business strategy … or of behavior?

For example, say the top problem is that your business isn’t growing past a certain point.

Need help finding the right marketing strategy? Need strategies to help you manage funds better? Need help understanding or attracting your ideal client?

You may be helped more by a business coach, consultant, or advisor.

On the other hand, maybe the challenges you face are deeper than switching business strategies. A career-focused trauma coach can help you switch the personal strategies keeping you from meeting growth goals.

For example, maybe you need help staying motivated to do the work you already know to do?

Maybe you just need to _________, but can’t bring yourself to. (Or you self-sabotage in crunch time.)

Maybe you handle business situations with a bit too much emotion, and you’d like to be more objective.

A career-focused trauma recovery coach can help in all these situations and more. I help you see areas where old trauma is creating blocks, then shape the behaviors and habits needed to overcome it, and grow.

I want to also focus on life challenges, not just career. Will you help?2022-07-30T21:13:05-04:00

Of course I will! Happily. Life and business are intertwined.

The point of being career-oriented in my coaching isn’t to exclude your life challenges. It’s to create balance in your healing.

Other coaches in this space focus a lot more broadly, on “life in general.”

That’s useful work to do. But it doesn’t allow for addressing very specific ways old trauma shapes your life AT WORK.

It also doesn’t add the expertise of a successful, 20-year+ small business advisor and entrepreneur.

Combining business management expertise with trauma recovery training lets me help you recognize a “business” issue vs. a “behavior” issue.

For instance, you may need support:

  • rationalizing and overcoming a fear of public speaking
  • understanding and conquering your hidden fear of success
  • deciding if a business relationship is safe or is a trauma bond
  • understanding if you’re giving too much to clients or partners, to compensate for damaged self-worth;
  • learning to confidently negotiate, despite hidden blocks to asking for what you want;
  • etc.

Trauma coaches can help you resolve what’s “underneath” these. But if you need to get specific about business/career issues, that might stretch the limits of their training.

What kind of things will I be doing in your program?2022-07-30T21:44:37-04:00

TRANSCEND is about:

  • learning how developmental trauma and chronic stress change the brain, affecting behavior,
  • tuning in to learn your triggers and how to perform how you want, even under pressure, and
  • radically destressing (to be more cool, calm, and collected in any environment).

We do that through deep inner work (both 1-on-1 and self-study), relaxation exercises (like patterned breathing and meditation), uncovering your passions, and helping you (re?)connect to your life purpose, core values, priorities, and more.

For more info, please see the program here.

I already have a therapist. Will we cover the same things as your program?2022-07-30T21:55:59-04:00

Maybe… but probably not.

When I created TRANSCEND, I thought I’d be serving the portion of the market who either didn’t want to go, or was tired of going to therapy. Many of the tools we use overlap.

As I started working with clients, I realized they actually weren’t doing similar work with their therapists.

In TRANSCEND, I stress that the body-based work is even more important than mindset and “talk”-based work. Even trauma therapists don’t often seem to do the body work. They typically focus on helping you “talk through” old traumas to process them.

We won’t talk reopen old wounds, or dig deep into painful events from your past.

We don’t need to do that for you to feel better long-term.

Even still, if you’ve never processed those experiences that way, therapy is extremely valuable. And I highly recommend it.

But if you’re sick of talking on and on about painful events, but not seeing lasting change in your PRESENT day... TRANSCEND was created for you.

How much is TRANSCEND, and how long does it last?2022-07-30T22:13:35-04:00

TRANSCEND is a 10- to 16-week introductory program that gets you used to doing this work with me, one on one.

The investment is built on the following:

  • how often we meet,
  • how long our sessions are,
  • the level of support you get between sessions,
  • how much of the self-study course is provided between sessions,
  • and a few other factors.

For that reason, there’s no one price for the program.

But I can share that, depending on their particular combination of services, most clients invest between $75 and 150 per week into their restoration and growth.

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