Root-Cause Trauma Coach, Harmony Major, CRP, CSFCHi, I’m Harmony Major, CRP, CHHC, CSFC, a childhood trauma survivor and root-cause trauma coach for business, entrepreneurial, and career professionals.

That means I help you address the root of whatever problems old trauma is causing in your professional career.

As a professional trauma recovery coach, certified and rigorously trained in areas like Psychological and Emotional Resilience, Solution-Focused Coaching, Master-Level Reiki Therapy, and Hypnotherapy.

I use these tools–plus training in the biology of stress and neuroscience of trauma–to help devoted leaders like you release the past and power forward in your career with greater calm, clarity, and confidence.

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What’s a Trauma Coach—and How Can One Help You?

A trauma coach helps us see and stop the hidden patterns slowing our personal and professional growth.

Basically, a trauma coach is a certified professional, rigorously trained to help you:

  • understand how past trauma is shaping your present-day behavior;
  • use that insight to set specific goals to improve your future;
  • learn, commit to, and adopt new coping strategies that make reaching those goals easier;
  • recognize and navigate present-day situations that may be retraumatizing you;
  • discover new resources and tools to better cope with stress in your life and business;
  • identify when therapy or counseling may be a more helpful fit than coaching.

Here at Energetic Harmony, we focus on these in the context of how they impact your career growth today.

Because you can find a trauma recovery life coach pretty easily with a simple search.

It’s much harder to find trauma recovery career and business coaches.

Where career is concerned, a trauma coach will help you see and navigate the myriad ways the past affects your present, so you can better achieve your life and professional goals.