Oh boy, do I love to READ. The issue is, with so much going on in my adult life, how do I find the time? I love this book because it solves that problem.

The Vortex is written in Q&A format across five separate areas, plus a “bonus” from a live event:

  1. Your Vortex: Learning to Attract Joyous Co-Creators
  2. Mating: The Perfect Mate: Getting One, Being One, Attracting One
  3. Sexuality, Sensuality, and the Opinions of Others
  4. Parenting: Creating Positive Parent/Child Relationships in a World of Contrast
  5. Self-Appreciation: Appreciation, the Magical Key to Your Vortex
  6. Transcript of Abraham Live: A Law of Attraction Workshop






The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships

Each and every question is listed in the Table of Contents, so you can page right to a particular question and read only that for your reading session. Amazing for busy people!

The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships

But what is this “vortex” they’re talking about, and what exactly is the “law of attraction”?

If you’re unfamiliar, the law of attraction states that we can attract/manifest anything we want in our lives if our focus is on the right area(s)–in that “vortex.”

And the vortex is a whirlwind of things that have already been prepared for us… we just have to make sure our thoughts and energy are in alignment so that we don’t push it away.

Notice that I didn’t say our thoughts and energy must be aligned “in order to attract it.”

No, according to these teachings, the things that we want are already coming our way. The problem comes in when our energy is out of alignment with what’s been promised to us.

Of course, this assumes that our “wants” aren’t to the detriment of another human being. “Wanting” someone to be seriously injured is obviously not aligned with the type of energy we’re talking about.

The Vortex really refreshed my perspective–and transformed my perspective–in a lot of areas related to my relationships (of all types), my own desires, and how to live authentically as ME, without seeking the approval or agreement of any other living being.

A few excerpts:

The need for agreement from others comes from a basis of misunderstanding of the Laws of the Universe and runs counter to who-you-really-are.

Everyone who turns up in your life–from the people you call friends or lovers, to the people you call enemies or strangers–comes in response to your Vibrational asking. You not only invite the person, but you also invite the personality traits of the person.

“The people in your life will always give you what you expect–no exceptions.

“Getting yourself feeling good before you take any action is always the best process; and when you do not feel good, you cannot be inspired to any action that will solve the problem.”

Certainly, depending on your beliefs, values, and life experiences, some of this may not make sense to you. Or, you may find it completely and utterly objectionable. That’s okay. And I understand.

However, I would still recommend you read this book.

In order for us to grow, our beliefs and value systems must be challenged on a continuous basis.

For me personally, the biggest lesson was to focus not on what I don’t want, but what I DO want. Switching over from that too-familiar sense of dread to a feeling of hope and expectation TRULY has transformed what I have actually received:

  • My closest relationships have improved to a very large degree.
  • I’m less stressed and happier, because I’m not constantly obsessed with what I don’t want to happen.
  • My intuition is developing more quickly, as I’m led toward my best next steps naturally and easily, without mentally shooting them down or ignoring those “nudges.”

And a lot more.

You don’t have to agree with everything in this book. But I strongly encourage you to allow it to at least widen your perspective, and get you to think in ways that can truly and literally change your life, through the transformation of your thinking (and behaviors, as a result).

“A lot of the pain we feel are only thoughts.” -Unknown