This is the deodorant we use… which is actually just a “mineral salt” stick of some sort. You swipe it under a very wet, freshly washed underarm and it lasts through the workday, through hard workouts, through everything I’ve ever tried it through.
I will say that it did NOT work the first time I tried it because I didn’t use it correctly. I only gave 3 or 4 random swipes, like I did when I used Degree deodorant. But with these mineral salt sticks, you have to completely cover your underarm and any place odor might sneak out.
While typical chemical deodorants prevent you from sweating, this one creates a barrier against the bacteria that causes the odor. (Note: Preventing your body from sweating is not healthy, as that’s one of the main ways your body gets rid of toxic chemicals!) This is much safer AND is truly invisiblewon’t stain your clothes or be visible at all