Think of the top problem you’re having in your business or career.

Have you had the problem for a long time, despite different tactics you’ve tried to resolve it?

Would your situation be helped by a change of business strategy … or of behavior?

For example, say the top problem is that your business isn’t growing past a certain point.

Need help finding the right marketing strategy? Need strategies to help you manage funds better? Need help understanding or attracting your ideal client?

You may be helped more by a business coach, consultant, or advisor.

On the other hand, maybe the challenges you face are deeper than switching business strategies. A career-focused trauma coach can help you switch the personal strategies keeping you from meeting growth goals.

For example, maybe you need help staying motivated to do the work you already know to do?

Maybe you just need to _________, but can’t bring yourself to. (Or you self-sabotage in crunch time.)

Maybe you handle business situations with a bit too much emotion, and you’d like to be more objective.

A career-focused trauma recovery coach can help in all these situations and more. I help you see areas where old trauma is creating blocks, then shape the behaviors and habits needed to overcome it, and grow.