Of course I will! Happily. Life and business are intertwined.

The point of being career-oriented in my coaching isn’t to exclude your life challenges. It’s to create balance in your healing.

Other coaches in this space focus a lot more broadly, on “life in general.”

That’s useful work to do. But it doesn’t allow for addressing very specific ways old trauma shapes your life AT WORK.

It also doesn’t add the expertise of a successful, 20-year+ small business advisor and entrepreneur.

Combining business management expertise with trauma recovery training lets me help you recognize a “business” issue vs. a “behavior” issue.

For instance, you may need support:

  • rationalizing and overcoming a fear of public speaking
  • understanding and conquering your hidden fear of success
  • deciding if a business relationship is safe or is a trauma bond
  • understanding if you’re giving too much to clients or partners, to compensate for damaged self-worth;
  • learning to confidently negotiate, despite hidden blocks to asking for what you want;
  • etc.

Trauma coaches can help you resolve what’s “underneath” these. But if you need to get specific about business/career issues, that might stretch the limits of their training.