When a coach (or any professional) we work with isn’t trauma-informed, it can be a very uncomfortable experience. There can be a high risk of being retraumatized, which can set progress back several steps. At least temporarily.

I’m a regular coaching client myself. I find a LOT of coaches have an aggressive, bullying approach.

Sometimes, they have a tendency to focus so much on what you’re not doing well, or enough, or correctly… having little to say about all the progress we’ve made.

Oftentimes, they just don’t LISTEN to us, instead spouting lots of “advice” on what’s best for us and our situation. But how can they intelligently speak to what’s best if all they do is “advise,” not ask questions?

Experiences like this can make us want to stop showing up. (Literally and figuratively.) We can start feeling discouraged, which wreaks havoc on our already shaky motivation.

With trauma-informed coaches, your experience should be different.

Although even trauma-informed coaches have our own biases (and traumas, a lot of times) that shape how we interact with others, we can better recognize our own trauma responses. We’re also specifically trained on how best to engage with humans healing from the past. ♥  So you shouldn’t have those troubling experiences anywhere near as often.