Maybe… but probably not.

When I created TRANSCEND, I thought I’d be serving the portion of the market who either didn’t want to go, or was tired of going to therapy. Many of the tools we use overlap.

As I started working with clients, I realized they actually weren’t doing similar work with their therapists.

In TRANSCEND, I stress that the body-based work is even more important than mindset and “talk”-based work. Even trauma therapists don’t often seem to do the body work. They typically focus on helping you “talk through” old traumas to process them.

We won’t talk reopen old wounds, or dig deep into painful events from your past.

We don’t need to do that for you to feel better long-term.

Even still, if you’ve never processed those experiences that way, therapy is extremely valuable. And I highly recommend it.

But if you’re sick of talking on and on about painful events, but not seeing lasting change in your PRESENT day... TRANSCEND was created for you.